NEW! Parabolix Black Edition Pro!

NEW! Parabolix Black Edition Pro!

The NEW Parabolix Black Edition Pro rod range is finally here!
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NEW: Parabolix Black Edition Pro

The original Parabolix Black Edition rod range has been incredibly popular over the years, offering elite performance at an affordable price point. The range scaled everything from small silver fish to fishing at long distances for the biggest commercial carp. With advances in carbon technology and materials available we’re delighted to reveal the next evolution of the Parabolix Black Edition story!

The brand new Parabolix Black Edition Pro range of rods encompasses elements of the past and the tech used within our premium Ultra II rods to offer Parabolix fans the very best performance possible while retaining that key affordability factor that made the original Black Edition rods so popular. Using stepped up Ultra-High Modulus carbon, we’ve worked hard to increase the casting ability of the rods throughout the range, to not only enable greater accuracy but increase distance thanks to the improved recovery rate that this high-quality carbon provides. Of course, we’ve kept some of the same features that you all loved about the previous range – the unique handle design being one of them, providing excellent grip in all weather conditions and unrivalled comfort. The handle is teamed up with a solid Fuji reel seat to ensure everything is rock solid however demanding the situation may be.

Oversized, weight reducing guides are a feature on all of the rods which once again aid the recovery of the rod but also ensure excellent line flow for increased distance and allowing for the use of shock leaders. As you would expect, we have covered all of the favourite feeder rod lengths with 10,11 and 12ft models in both standard and SUV options.

We’ve also recognised the popularity of feeder fishing for skimmers, roach and f1s on both natural and commercial waters alike with the introduction of the 10 and 11ft Ultralight Feeder rods within the Parabolix Black Edition Pro range. The Ultralights are super-soft in their action and also come supplied with our hybrid Ultralight tips which are carbon with spliced glass at the very tip for amazing sensitivity. Designed and developed by some of the World’s best feeder anglers, these have to be seen to be believed!

Having covered feeder rods, we turned our attention to waggler fishing, with float rods being present in the original range we have produced some stunning 11 and 12ft float rods which will have your commercial fishing covered on any venue! With super slim blanks a feature throughout, and that stunning Parabolix rod action that is admired by all, the new waggler rods are available in two different styles – standard, which will cover the majority of situations and a new SUV version. The SUV 11 and 12ft Waggler rods are built with demanding situations in mind, using bigger floats at greater range and for getting the better of big commercial carp on venues like Barston and Boddington Reservoir.

As you can see, with the new Parabolix Black Edition Pro rod range, we have covered everything from small silver fish right the way through to big commercial carp at distance. 

RRP's range from £169.99 to £249.99 across the range and will be arriving in stock at your MAP stockist this spring!

Make sure you check them out and prepare to be amazed!