NEW! MAP Catapults

NEW! MAP Catapults

Two NEW Catapults from MAP that have all scenarios covered and NEVER tangle!
NEW: MAP Catapults 

Whether you fish commercial or natural venues on the pole, waggler or bomb & pellet, you’re going to need some catapults.

Here at MAP, we’ve been developing a new catapult range over a long period and we’re delighted to be launching two new catapults to the market in 2024. There are two sizes of catapults within the new range, a medium catapult which is ideal for feeding light baits on the pole and you need to get the distance, or feeding bigger baits like 6 or 8mm pellets at range on the pellet waggler and bomb line.We’ve also included a small catapult which is perfectly suited to any pole situation you find yourself in whether it’s pinging pellets on a commercial or pinkies and squats on a canal. What makes these catapults stand out from the crowd however is the one-piece elastic design which runs through the catapult frame.

This has a number of advantages over traditional catapult designs the first being that the pouch is always perfectly centralised when the elastic is pulled under tension, increasing accuracy.

The main element of the design though which benefits the angler in being more efficient on the bank is that the catapult is completely anti-twist, in fact, twist is absolutely impossible with these catapults. As there are only two connection points on the elastic – to the pouch – the possibility of any twist is completely removed meaning it doesn’t matter how you leave your catapult on your side tray or how many times it’s fired, when you pick it up, it’s perfect every time! To make things even smoother, much like you would with your pole elastics, we’ve included PTFE pushes inside the catapult frame to not only make the elastic run smoother, but prolong the life of the catapult elastic.

Longevity is something that we focussed on when developing the new catapults and we’ve used the highest-grade elastic we could possibly source in two different grades to suit each size of catapult.The catapult frame also features a rubber hand grip which provides perfect grip in all weather conditions so that you’re able to achieve accuracy with ease. 

Another key feature we spent a lot of time on when developing this range was the mesh pouches, these both feature a rigid top ring which ensures your bait is grouped tightly at all times.
With the two new MAP Catapults we believe we have the vast majority of fishing situations covered with a design that conquers a lot of the issues that have been
experienced in the past. 

Small Catapult - £11.99 RRP
Medium Catapult - £11.99 RRP
Spare Elastics - £1.99 RRP
Spare Pouch - £3.25 RRP
Expect to see the new MAP Catapults in your MAP retailers this spring!