NEW! MAP Side Roller Pullers

NEW! MAP Side Roller Pullers

Smooth, neat and easy to fit to existing TKS kits! Our NEW Side Roller Pullers are available now!
NEW: Side Roller Pullers

One of the most used items of tackle when fishing on the pole, other than the pole itself is a side puller!

Enabling the angler to fish with lighter and better-balanced tackle while retaining great control over the fish you are playing; side pullers are used almost exclusively.
New to the MAP range for 2024 are the Side Roller Pullers, these offer a silky-smooth way of shortening your elastic when playing fish.

Featuring an anti-friction PTFE roller and bush, these not only allow easy elastic stripping but they also prolong the life of your elastic.
If you’re an existing TKS pole user, they are fully compatible with the slots you’ll find in your current TKS top kits.
To change these over, it’s a simple case of removing the old side puller and just clicking them straight into place, no drilling required!
With two Side Roller Pullers coming in each pack, they provide amazing value for money at £8.99 RRP and we firmly believe that they are the smoothest side pullers on the market.

Available NOW!