TKS Flat EX Pole Protectors

TKS Flat EX Pole Protectors

Sale price£120.00 GBP

Fishing actively on the long pole takes its toll on your gear and sometime the worst can happen - an elbow through a section is never fun so we've developed the Flat EX Pole protectors to avoid the hurt!

The square profile aids stability against the forearm, giving a bigger area to spread pressure and offer better purchase when striking.

Flat EX Pole Protectors are designed to go into the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections of all current 1G/2G/3G TKS poles.

  • Flat EX 1 - fits 401/501

  • Flat EX 2 - fits 601/701/801/901

  • Flat EX 3 - fits 1001
B9403 Flat EX Pole Protector 1
B9404 Flat EX Pole protector 2 £120
B9405 Flat EX Pole Protector 3 £120


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