So you want the best action combined with insane sensitivity and feel? Ultra II has you covered...

Parabolix rods have been the go-to tools for thousands of anglers for the last decade and that's because of the parabolic action that makes playing fish an absolute joy.

With Ultra II we've taken this proven recipe and combined it with what we regard as the best carbon quivertips we've ever produced. The result? Rods that not only cast like like a dream but put you in contact with fish like you've never experienced before.


Our PU handle material on key touch points offers amazing grip even when it's wet, meaning you can cast and play fish with total confidence.

Go Large!

Double legs guides are super-strong, and with a larger internal diameter, each Ultra II rod is perfectly set up to optimise your casting.


Ultra II rods feature a parabolic, non-locking action offering progressive power throughout, perfect for when big fish show up on light tackle


Nano carbon technology means a lighter rod and therefore a rod that transmits more information back to the angler to help control and predict the fish's next move.


Without doubt, the best quivertips we've ever produced - full carbon and designed to help you spot even the shyest of bites at long range.


Explore the range of Parabolix Ultra II rods; click the + on each rod variant to find out more about its uses.

Designed for bomb fishing in the winter on commercials or small feeders at short range on natural venues, the 10ft Bomb is the ideal rod for skimmers, roach and f1s.

The 10ft Feeder is a great all-rounder on commercials and natural venues where fishing at distances of up to 30 metres is required.

The 10ft SUV Feeder is the more powerful version of the 10ft feeder, ideal for commercial venues and catching big weights of carp at distances of up to 35 metres.

Designed for casts up to 40 metres, this is the perfect rod for carp to 6lb on commercials or skimmer fishing on natural venues. Designed for up to 40g casting weight.

The 11ft SUV Feeder includes more power than the standard version helping land big fish quicker! The extra power also enables you to fish up to 45 metres easily with a shorter rod, perfect for Embed or Method feeders.

The 12ft Feeder is a true 'Go To' within the Ultra II range and is very much at home on bigger commercials and natural venues. Considered to be one of the best bream rods available by those in the know, this rod is suited to 45-55 metre casts.

The Stepped Up Version of the 12ft Feeder is excellent for a range of fishing situations. From Embed or method feeders for carp at distance or casting heavy feeders to hit the spot on natural venues when the weather is against you, this rod has you covered! Ideally suited for ranges between 45 and 60 metres.

Want More? Go SUV.

SUV stands for Stepped Up Version and is present acrosss our entire range of rods.

Offering an increase in power of 20%, any rod with the SUV label is designed to give you more options.

When do you need it? Imagine you're on a short chuck venue but you need to cast into a headwind - SUV allows you to retain a short rod but with the power to always reach your target.

Likewise, if you're on a venue where the fish are bigger than average, an SUV rod will allow you to deal with them more efficiently.

Spare Quivertips

Parabolix Ultra II tips are the best we've ever produced!

Taking knowledge and experience from our previous rod ranges, we've optimised the use of nano carbon that uses less resin to create a product that's more sensitive yet retains strength and won't affect casting action.