How To... Fit Side Roller Pullers!

How To... Fit Side Roller Pullers!

The NEW Side Roller Pullers are compatible with our TKS top kits, here's a simple guide to fitting them! 
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In our spring 2024 product launch, we introduced the new Side Roller Puller bushes which are compatible with all TKS top-kits which were fitted with our original grey side roller puller bushes. 
The Side Roller Puller offers a number of benefits to the original side puller, thanks to the anti-friction PTFE wheel and bush, they're kinder on your elastic leading to greater elastic life.

They are also incredibly smooth, making stripping the elastic effortless and your whole fishing experience much more enjoyable when bagging big weights. 

If you own TKS top kits with our original side pullers fitted, changing these over couldn't be easier!

The first step is to loosen the old side puller with a small flat headed screw driver, carefully loosening the original glue. Should this be a little more difficult on some top kits a small Stanley blade will be able to loosen the glue around the edge of the side puller.

Once the side puller is loose, remove it and clean up the edges with some wet and dry sand paper to remove the old glue.

It's then a simple case of clicking the new side puller with the PTFE bush towards the bottom end of the top kit. If putting the new side puller into the existing hole is difficult, a light file at one end of the slot is all that is required to fit.

With the new Side Roller Puller now fitted, it's time to get the top kit elasticated and catch some fish! 

Should you wish to fit the Side Roller Puller into a pole that doesn't include an existing slot, we've included a template on the box packaging showing the dimensions of 28mm x 6mm required to achieve the perfect fit. 

The NEW Side Roller Pullers are available now from your local MAP retailer, with two coming in each pack for just £8.99 representing excellent value for money.