TKS Solid Core Hybrid Elastic

TKS Solid Core Hybrid Elastic

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TKS Solid Core Hybrid elastic combines the durability of a solid elastic, but with more stretch than a hollow elastic and is perfect for silver fish through to carp depending on size. This new hybrid elastic is so much better than solid elastics in performance in durability and stretch factor. 

Available in eight sizes and all supplied in 6m lengths, allowing more then just one top kit to be elasticated and up to 3 shallow kits!



4-6 Orange

Perfect for all silver fish tactics, from commercial skimmers to fishing on natural venues for roach the 4-6 has it covered

6-8 BLUE

If bigger silver fish are the target or you’re fishing in deep water for silvers, this elastic is the perfect choice.

8-10 GREEN

A great general elastic choice for f1s, and skimmers. The 8-10 is super soft to ensure lost fish are kept to a minimum.

10-12 PINK

If bigger f1s from 2-4lb with an occasional carp to 4-5lb are the target, the 10-12 is ideal for a variety of tactics.

12-14 RED

One of the best general carp elastics available! Open water, shallow or fishing to islands, this one does it all.

14-16 YELLOW

If you’re fishing the short pole or down the edge for fish averaging 5lb+, the mega popular 14-16 has you covered!

16-18 PURPLE

Need to put a big weight of big carp together in the last hour? The 16-18 offers the control you need.

18-20 WHITE

Designed for the biggest commercial carp in the most demanding situations, a real powerhouse!