Parabolix: BE 4.0m Net Handle

Parabolix: BE 4.0m Net Handle

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Embodying everything that made the original Parabolix handle a fan favourite - strength and rigidity all all lengths - the Parabolix: Black Edition handle is incredibly strong, and ideal for any type of fishing from natural venues to commercials. 

The three section design see brass threads on the last two sections so it can be used at 2.8m and 4-metre lengths. In the shorter configuration it's perfect for those speed sessions where you're in control of fish close-in, but once taken to its fill length, it excels; our team of anglers have noted how great it is on venues where there's weed close in, or when fishing deep rigs where netting a fish as soon as it rise is critical.

  • 3-section design

  • Ultra-strong high modulus carbon 

  • Pinned brass thread

  • Supplied in padded bag