Embed inline feeder
Embed inline feeder
Embed inline feeder
Embed inline feeder
Embed inline feeder

Embed inline feeder

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It's no secret that hookbaits can be displaced on impact when a feeder hits the water, or moved off the ‘dinner plate’ by a fish’s tail, especially when the bait inside the feeder has softened after being submerged.

No matter how you load a pellet feeder or method-style feeder, you never quite know what happens to your hook bait once it's underneath the surface - Embed is here to help.

Embed's design ensure that you are in control to maximise your bite potential. With it's deep main cavity, and the built-in line grip, you can have piece of mind that you're fishing YOUR way, even when bites are hard to come by.

Each Embed feeder is based around a removable stem that allows you to swap feeders quickly, and the soft-rubber line grip allows you to position the amount of 'free' hooklength within the bait. What's more, the vented design ensure minimal bait disturbance on impact with the water, and to adhere to fish-safety rules, it's a free-running feeder. For more accurate casting the feeder is front-loaded to fly straighter.

Each Embed feeder is supplied with standard 75mm stem, tail rubber plus a rubberised hooklink adaptor.

Long 100mm stems are available seperately.




Slot your hooklength into the silicone grip...

Start filling the feeder with the initial layer of feed...

Press the layer of feed down lighty...

Ensure the hook and hook bait is on top of the feed...

The finished, loaded feeder, ready to cast out.

Intelligent design...

Our in-house design and development team have created Embed over a 2-year period, shaping it to become the match-winning tool it is now.

No other product in MAP's history has brought together so many people to ensure it's success.

From early on-paper concepts, right through to 3D Printed prototypes, our team of designers and anglers have been perfecting Embed to ensure it's the most versatile feeder we've ever produced.

Quick Change: Evolved

MAP pioneered the interchangeable feeder system with its original Quick Change feeders and we've taken what we've learnt from that and put it into the Embed design.

Embed is based around an interchangeable stem that means you can quickly change feeder size or weight without tackling down. You can also fit a longer stem with stability on long casts.

And of course, Embed is an inline system so it totally fish-safe.

Strength In Depth...

To cast further and with more accuracy, a feeder has to be as aerodynamic as possible, right?

Embed has been designed with high sides and a deep bait cavity so every surface is a clean and aerodynamic as can be for straight, accurate flight.

What's more, the convex base creates less disturbance on impact with the water, and clever angled base vents prevent bait being forced out by water pressure.

Right Place, Right Time...

Embed's unique rubber line grip will be an aid to all anglers.

Not only does it allow you to alter the effective distance of hook bait to suit conditions - by that we mean how much hooklength is free-moving on top of the feeder - but it also means that hook baits stay in position; when fish move in and disturb the water, your hook bait will remain on top of the feeder and not washed down into debris or away from the feeding zone... Talk about pin-point accuracy!

When a fish takes the bait, the rubber grip will provide enough force to set the hook but will release the hooklength so it engages against the feeder connector so you can play the fish.

Of course, you can also use Embed without engaging the rubber grip.... it's a truly versatile feeder for the modern age!