Hooklength Boxes
Hooklength Boxes
Hooklength Boxes
Hooklength Boxes

Hooklength Boxes

Sale price£19.99 GBP

A unique hooklength storage box that features fully adjustable sliding pins and hook storage in the base of the box. 

Redesigned and now features sold pins, making this perfect for storage of hooklengths from 4 inches through to 4 feet in length. Supplied with 10 rubber grommets to prevent line kinking. 


  • Adjustable sliding pins 

  • Water Resistant 

  • Built in magnetic hook tray and storage 

  • UV protective lid 

  • Printed measure sliders 

  • Ultra-strong Solid pins 

  • Double sided 

  • Ideal for hooklengths from 4 inch to 4 feet or longer if required 

  • Unique built in measure tool to ensure hook lengths are the same length 

  • UV protective lid 



DUAL Hooklength Box 

Long Hooklength Box





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