How To... Make Dacron Connectors

How To... Make Dacron Connectors

Dacron connectors create a neat connection from your elastic to your rig - make your own with our easy guide!
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There are many different ways of connecting your rig to your elastic, but over the last decade, one method has been more popular than others!

Dacron connectors offer a neat and tangle free method of elastic connection, and also give the angler a quick and easy way of reattaching the connector to the elastic when trimming back the worn area of elastic nearest the tip.

By simply, tying an over hand knot, trimming and sliding the dacron up to the knot and pulling the bead over to cover the knot you can be back in action within seconds.

Make Your Own!

We’ve all been there, elasticating top kits and been caught short on dacron connectors, so we’ve added a simple way of making your own super neat connectors!

All you need is some MAP Side Puller Beads, these are available in small and large sizes, the small bead is great for elastics up to a 10-14 Twin Core hollow or a 12-14 TKS Solid Core Hybrid elastic, with the large bead being suitable for heavier elastics.

The dacron part can be made with dacron, but a stiff coated braid which you’ll find in the carp section of your local tackle shop is just as effective!

Tie a 1” loop in your coated braid material.

Cut the braid close to the knot.

Slide a Side Puller Bead onto your gate latch needle, hook the coated braid onto the needle and pull the bead onto the loop, with the thin end towards the knot.

The finished product!

Attaching The Connector

To attach the dacron connector to your elastic, tie an over hand knot in your elastic and trim off the excess, then lay the connector on the elastic.

Pass the bead through the loop of braid to lasso it to the elastic.

Slide it down to the knot and pull the bead over the knot to secure in place.