How To... Choose The Right Feeder Rod

How To... Choose The Right Feeder Rod

Choosing the right length of feeder rod for the distance you need to fish is all important - our guide makes this easy!
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When it comes to selecting the right feeder rod for the type of fishing you’re doing, it can become confusing with the huge array of choice available to you. We’ve broken down the basics of selecting the right rod that will make your decisions quicker, easier and most importantly with no mistakes!

In the MAP rod ranges, we’ve got three main sets of rods that cover a range of different price points but the fundamentals remain the same regardless of the cost.


All of the rods in the various MAP rod ranges include a ‘standard’ rod and an SUV version, but what does this mean?

To break it down the standard rods are softer and ‘all-round’ in their actions and power, ideal for all types of fishing including silver fish, carp and f1s but if you need that extra power to catch bigger weights of big fish, you need to cast further or you’re using heavier feeders on a river then our SUV (Stepped Up Version) rods will be the ones for you.

An SUV rod is around 15% more powerful than the standard rod, meaning that there is more power in the middle to lower part of the rod, giving you the option to apply more pressure in demanding fishing situations. While they have more power, the actions are never compromised, offering that seamless parabolic curve that MAP rods have become synonymous with.


The distance you want to fish at plays a huge part in the length of the rod that you need to use in order to not only reach the distance required but also make your fishing more comfortable too.

We’ve broken down the distances and the lengths of rods that are best suited to each range to help you choose the right rod for the venues you’re fishing.

Short to Medium Range

Under 20 metres – 9ft.

Up to 25 metres – 10ft.

Up to 35 metres – 11ft

Long & Extreme Range

Up to 55 metres – 12ft

Up to 65 metres – 12ft 9”

Up to 75 metres – 13ft 2”

Up to and over 100 metres – 13ft 8”

We hope this simple guide helps you to make the right choice when making the decision on the correct rod for your fishing situation, for more information on the various rods in the MAP range visit the rod’s tab in the navigation bar or visit your local MAP retailer.