The first 14.5m model in the 3G range, the TKS 301 has become a byword for high performance feel at a realistic price tag and continues to be a best-seller in the sub-£1,000 space.

TKS 301 14.5m PACKAGE - £950RRP

4x POWER / 1x MATCH Kit v1

TKS V1 Kits are all about durability without sacrificing performance, all at the right price. Measuring 2.7m they come pre-bushed and are fitted with our unique side puller system.


This is supplied to fit into the graphic butt section to not only give extra reach, but act as a strike butt when fishing actively to prevent elbow damage.


Our super-strong cupping kit is the same length as our standard and power top kits for accurate baiting. Supplied with 2x sizes of screw-on cup.


Featuring a padded shoulder strap, full length zip access and dual-sided partitioning, our Deluxe Holdall will keep your pole safe during transport.

TKS poles are packed full of technology that gives you superb performance whatever model you choose.

A 3K carbon weave added to both the male and female joints to reinforce them and prevent wear, and joints sticking together in wet weather. 

Each TKS pole has been designed here in the UK, so you can be assured they can withstand the elastic rating we put on each model. 

A process that bonds two different grades of carbon together enabling us to develop lighter, stronger and more rigid poles. This process is used on all models. 

All materials used in the production of TKS poles are purchased from the one of the world’s largest carbon manufactures – Toray in Japan.  

This is an anti-friction finish that’s added to each TKS model to ensure smooth shipping when fishing. It also prevents your hands sticking to the pole whist wet.

Matrix Resins are proven to increase the strength, toughness and the durability of composites whist also reducing the overall weight. Matrix Resins are used in the production of all TKS poles. 

Total Compatibility

For over a decade, TKS has been the bechmark for pole compatibility.

Utlising the same mandrels across several generations of pole, weve ensured that anglers can cusomise and upgrade with confidence that their sections and top kits will continue to serve them.

From our base models right through to the flagship 1001, we've made compatbility the beating heart of what makes TKS the popular choice.

Pole Spares

We've got you covered.

From additional sections to increase your pole's versatility, to additions such as section protectors, there's a massive range of spare kits and sections to complement your TKS pole.