QRS clamps
QRS clamps
QRS clamps

QRS clamps

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Our range of QRS clamps work in conjunction with our seatboxes and seatbox accessories:

SB0113 fits MAP sidetrays and is used to attach to seatbox legs or for attaching additional support legs

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SB0115 is the main form of QRS clamp that fit the SB0022 Keepnet Attachment of all outrigger and accessory arms

SB0117 is clamp designed to fit on the square profile accessory/keepnet bars. It features a star-shaped insert that will only work with square profile tubing. It comes supplied with the detachable SB0022 Keepnet Attachment insert.



What is QRS?

Quick Release System (QRS) is MAP's proprietary seatbox accessory system, based around the ability to not only change your accessory quickly, but also adapt each one to a variety of seatbox leg standards.

Each QRS adaptor is supplied with 25mm, 30mm and 36mm inserts for round legs, so just fit the insert that suits your seatbox and you're good to go!

With the push of a button, all our clamps release the inserted accessory arm or clamp fixture, so you can leave them on the box when not in use.