Meat Cutter
Meat Cutter

Meat Cutter

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A best-seller that's become the standard for anglers wanting reliability and ease of use.

Our unique design means a regular tin of meat is cut accurately in a matter of seconds. The super-strong blades housed in tough ABS plastic won't deform under pressure, meaning clean cuts every time. Plus whatever you chop goes into your bait tub thanks to the collection tray, so no wastage.

Cleaning is no issue either - our the MAP Meat Cutter is dishwasher-safe.

Spare blade sets are easy to fit; just slide them in and you're set to cut bait to the desired size. 

  • Interchangeable, stainless steel cutting blades 

  • Unique interchangeable pre-formed plunger heads to suit blade size 

  • Removable bait collection tray 

  • Made from super-strong ABS plastic