NEW! TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic

NEW! TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic

Introducing our new TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic range, packed with performance and value for money!
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                                    NEW: TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic

New for 2024 is the updated versions of the ever-popular TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic range.

Coming in new six-metre lengths, the Twin Core Hollow elastics offer amazing value for money, enabling the angler to elasticate two full length top kits or even three f1 shallow kits!
The new range offers all the same characteristics and qualities we all loved about the original elastic range; offering a dual core design, amazing stretch factor, along with those signature, smooth fish playing properties and impressive durability.

There are eight different sizes available ranging from a super-soft 3-6 right up to a hefty 16-20 for targeting the biggest margin carp, and everything in between. With so many different grades available, we’ve got every situation covered. Grades 3-6 and 5-8 are extremely soft which makes them the ideal elastic choice for targeting skimmers and winter f1s.Moving up the range to the 6-8 and 6-10, these are well suited to fishing for bigger f1s and small carp up to 3 to 4lb or even some shallow fishing in the summer. Then we head into carp territory, the 10-14 and 12-16 grades are a go to when you’re fishing for decent sized carp up to double figures using a variety of different tactics, from short pole fishing to tucking a rig tight to an island.Finally, we’ve got the big boys! The 14-18 and 16-20 grades are built for putting through power kits and give you plenty of power and control to get the better of the big carp you’ll be fishing for in the summer, fishing short or down the margins.

The new TKS Twin Core Hollow elastic range will be available in MAP stockists this spring carrying a RRP of just £11.99 for 6 metres of hollow elastic!