MAP Spring Product Launch!

MAP Spring Product Launch!

Find out more about the exciting NEW products from MAP launching this spring!
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MAP Launches New Products For 2024

Here at MAP fishing we have been working really hard behind the scenes with our designers, brand managers and consultants to develop, test and fine tune a whole host of new products for our Spring 2024 launch.
Our exciting new product line-up for 2024 includes:
Extremis Feeder Rod Range
Designed for versatile anglers seeking high performance without compromise at an affordable price point, the Extremis range offers feeder rods in 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft sizes, alongside three Distance Feeder models ranging from 12’ 8” to 13’ 8”.

 Crafted with Ultra-High Modulus Carbon blanks, these rods ensure lightweight durability. Utilizing oversized American tackles TI force air guides for enhanced casting distance, they feature a unique rubber handle design for ultimate comfort and grip in any weather.

With attention to detail in handle length and fish-playing action, the Extremis range delivers optimum performance from 60 meters up to over 100 meters. Each rod comes with three tips and a quality padded rod bag.

DUAL MKII Pole Rollers

Following on from the incredible success of the original DUAL Pole Roller, the DUAL MK11 Pole Rollers feature a blend of old and new with a number of improvements to make them even better than the originals!

Versatility is at the heart of the DUAL MK11 Pole Roller design, with two sizes available to cover all situations. The Medium roller is 78cm wide as the ‘standard’ offering and we have also included a larger roller too at 109cm wide giving the angler a huge surface area when shipping back at speed.

It doesn’t stop at the two sizes of pole roller though; we have also worked hard on the leg system of the new rollers. With a solid, simple folding leg design, and quick release system included it’s possible to change the legs over in quite literally, seconds!

The legs feature a camlock system which ensures once the roller is set up it remains in place throughout your session without any slipping.

Plenty of your favourite features remain from the original, with our extruded foam horizontal rollers which completely eradicate any vibration while shipping. The movable central upright returns too featuring a handy sprit level for ease of setting up your roller among many other improvements!

Parabolix Black Edition Pro 
The new Parabolix Black Edition Pro rod range blends the best features of past favourites with the cutting-edge technology of our premium Ultra II rods. This ensures top-notch performance while maintaining the affordability that made the original Black Edition rods so beloved.

By utilizing upgraded Ultra-High Modulus carbon, we've enhanced casting accuracy and distance across the range, thanks to improved recovery rates.

Our line-up includes feeder rods in 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft sizes, available in both standard and SUV options. Plus, we've introduced 10ft and 11ft Ultralight Feeder rods to cater to skimmer, roach, and f1 fishing enthusiasts.

These rods have been developed by some of the worlds best feeder anglers and need to be seen to be believed.

For float fishing, we've introduced stunning 11ft and 12ft float rods, available in standard and SUV versions, ensuring comprehensive coverage for commercial fishing across various venues.

MAP Catapults
We’ve developed a new catapult range and are thrilled to launch two models in 2024. The range includes a medium catapult, ideal for getting light baits that extra distance on a pole line or larger ones like 6 or 8mm pellets on the pellet waggler and bomb line.

We've also added a small catapult for versatile pole fishing, whether pinging pellets a commercial fishery or pinkies a canal.

What sets these catapults apart is the one-piece elastic design, ensuring perfect pouch alignment and anti-twist functionality, guaranteeing efficiency on the bank, these elastics are impossible to twist!

The mesh pouches feature rigid top rings, ensuring that your bait is tightly grouped at all times. With these two new MAP Catapults, we've got you covered for most fishing situations.

TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic
A new updated version of the ever-popular TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic range. Coming in new six-metre lengths, the Twin Core Hollow elastics offer amazing value for money, enabling the angler to elasticate two full length top kits or even three f1 shallow kits!

The new range offers all the same characteristics and qualities we all loved about the original elastic range; offering a dual core design, amazing stretch factor, along with those signature, smooth fish playing properties and impressive durability.

There are eight different sizes available ranging from a super-soft 3-6 right up to a hefty 16-20 for targeting the biggest margin carp, and everything in between. With so many different grades available, we’ve got every situation covered.
Side Roller Pullers
The MAP Side Roller Pullers offer a silky-smooth way of shortening your elastic when playing fish. Featuring an anti-friction PTFE roller and bush, these not only allow easy elastic stripping but they also prolong the life of your elastic.

If you’re an existing TKS pole user, they are fully compatible with the slots you’ll find in your current TKS top kits. To change these over, it’s a simple case of removing the old side puller and just clicking them straight into place, no drilling required!

With two Side Roller Pullers coming in each pack, they provide amazing value for money and we believe that they are the smoothest side pullers on the market.

You can expect to find all of these exciting new products in MAP retailers this Spring.