How To... Use The Embed Feeder

How To... Use The Embed Feeder

Follow our simple guide to using Embed feeders and enjoy some incredible results!

The Embed Feeder has been designed with ease of use in mind, we’ve put together a few quick and easy to follow steps on each key feature below which will get you fishing with your Embed feeders quicker and more effectively than ever before!

Line Grip

When it comes to loading the Embed Feeder, the easiest way to get your hook length clipped into the rubber line grip is to do this before you add pellets or groundbait into the bowl.

When new, and it isn’t the case on all feeders, the line grip can take a little working to make getting your hook length located easier – to do this all you need is a slightly thicker piece of hook length material and with tension on both sides of the line simply see-saw it into place, this will completely open the grip.

When it comes to loading it for a fishing situation, bait the hook, then from the connector end, loop the line over your finger and hold the hook bait or hook in your other hand giving you a tight line either side of the line grip.

It's then far easier to push the line down into the groove locating the hook for perfect presentation.

But, don’t push it in too far – just enough tension on the clip to lift the back of the feeder off the lake bed before releasing is the optimum amount of grip required.

Loading The Feeder

With your hook bait on the hair, and the hook length located in the line grip you’re ready to load the feeder with bait.

Add your chosen mix to the bowl of the feeder and press down firmly to ensure that this first addition of bait will remain inside the feeder until you wind in.

Place your hook bait to its most effective point on the feeder, at this stage you can also adjust the hook angle by twisting the line in the grip.

Add a small amount of pellets over the top – but not too many, the Embed feeders have been designed to hold more bait so overloading isn’t required and a level load is perfect.

The feeder is now ready to be cast out!

How To Change Your Feeder

Being able to change the Embed feeder of the in-line stem is something that can be invaluable when you need to make a change!

To do this it couldn’t be simpler to change size and weight of feeder according to conditions or how the fish are feeding on the day.

Slide the tail rubber off the stem and up the main line.

Slide the feeder up the stem.

Slide the feeder off the stem and off of the main line through the slot in the back of the feeder.

You can then replace with a different size or weight of Embed feeder by repeating the process.

Hopefully this simple guide will help you get the most from your Embed Feeder fishing, the design, confidence and guaranteed accuracy of bait placement is a huge edge to have and one that we're proud to be able to offer all anglers!